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Actress, Acting 

and Dialect




"The better you

know yourself,

the better actor

you'll be.

Ivana Chubbuck

Audition & Role Preparation |

Acting Classes, Workshops

& Privates |

Accredited teacher of the “Chubbuck Technique” |

English/Italian/German |

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WE WORKSHOPS 2022: bilingual, in studio, for 8 actors. Saturday 3 - 9.30pm, Sunday 2 – 7.00pm, in Rome. Cost 200€.

WEEKLY EVENING CLASSES: bilingual, in studio, for 8 actors. Thursday 6.30 - 10.15pm, in Rome. Monthly registration: 180€

Scene study with the Chubbuck Technique from such films as: A History of Violence, In Bruges, The Next Three Days, American Gangster, The Godfather... Bombshell, Manchester by the Sea, Blue is the Warmest Color, Ordinary People, Big Little Lies, August Osage County, Closer, The Fault in Our Stars... Notting Hill, Bullets Over Broadway, Small Time Crooks, When Harry Met Sally, Barefoot in the Park... 

The Chubbuck Technique brings out the best in actors.  Have your scenes filmed by our cameraman in the studio and use the head/shoulder format for your online promotion. Doris also offers to  send the good takes to casting directors she’s in contact with. So great visibility while giving your best. 

ONLINE EVENING CLASSES Tuesday 7-10pm. For max 8 actors a month. Monthly cost is 140€.

REQUIREMENTS for group work: 1) you must have read “The Power of the Actor” 2) be a professional actor 3) be able to understand both English and Italian 4) pre-pay 1 month of classes or the entire 2 day workshop in order to book your spot. 

PRIVATES online for audition and role preparation are ongoing.

For more info and for bookings, send  an email with your CV and two photos to:

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