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"The better you know yourself,

the better actor you'll be."

Ivana Chubbuck






Actress, Acting 

and Dialect




Audition & Role Preparation |

Acting Classes, Workshops

& Privates |

Accredited teacher of the “Chubbuck Technique” |

English/Italian/German |

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2021 ongoing: ONLINE CLASSES of the Chubbuck Technique

EVERY WEDNESDAY morning from 10 AM -1PM and EVERY THURSDAY evening from 7-10.15 PM, for a max of 6 actors, 20€ each class, auditors 10€. Scenes and scene partners are assigned. Actors need to book at least 2 classes so they can do their scene twice. Pre-payment required. 

ONLINE PRIVATES are ongoing, 30 - 40€.

For both classes and privates you need to have read “THE POWER OF THE ACTOR” and understand Italian.



“Although I was skeptic about the online course, you blew away all my doubts. Your class has been incredibly inspiring and I’m not lying when I say that this is the best course I’ve ever attended. You taught me a lot of things about myself and you made me understand the true power of what we do and this made my love for acting much more powerful than before…"

(more comments under CLASSES & WORKSHOPS).

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