"The better you know yourself,

the better actor you'll be."

Ivana Chubbuck







and Dialect






The acting class takes place in Rome every Thursday evening from 7.15 – 10.30  pm. and is for a maximum of 10 actors.

Registration is monthly and for as long as the actor wants: 1 month, 2 or more. 

The class is bilingual, 75% English, 25% Italian. However upon request I can organize an all Italian class for those whose English is “so and so”.  The audition, monologue or 2 person scene that the actors work on should be in the language that best fits the actors’ needs in that given moment.

If their level of English is good or if that extra challenge is tempting then they can do their scene in English. Otherwise they do it in Italian.

I choose the scene after having talked with the actor about what he or she would prefer to work on using the Chubbuck Technique: an audition, a promo monologue - to use for their showreel - or a scene with another

actor/actress from the class.

Of course also actors can propose a specific scene to work on, such as:

  • a monologue that they want to prepare and use as a future promo monologue;

  • an audition that they had already prepared in the past but were unhappy with and confused about;

  • a new upcoming audition that they will have to do a a few days after the class;

  • an upcoming scene in a film, TV or theatre project that they are currently working on.

If actors have an upcoming audition or scene in a current project then this class is the perfect place to work on it.

In the Thursday class an actor is on stage twice a month. In between actors rehearse alone and/or with their scene partners, integrating the discoveries made while working with me on the scene in class. 

Learning this technique is a process. Rehearsals are just as important as performing, as is watching your colleagues' work evolve.

Registration for the Thursday evening class is monthly and for as long as the actor wants: 1 month, 2 or more. 

The price for one month is 160 € (tax not included). 

Pre-payment needs to be done 7 days before the first lesson of that month. You are confermed as a participant only after you have paid.

Those actors that have actively participated in a monthly class can continue to come to future classes as an auditor and free of charge. You can recuperate classes but only if you miss them due to work as an actor.

All actors interested in watching a class before commiting to a month may come to audit free of charge. However you must contact me first by sending me an email with your CV and a photo.


These are weekend workshops. Saturdays and Sundays, 8 hours each, in Rome. In the 2 day workshop an actor is on stage twice, rehearsing in the evening between day 1 and 2. This is intensive classwork, very useful for those that don’t live in Rome or who can’t make it to the Thursday evening class.

The price is 160 € (tax not included). Pre-payment needs to be done 14 days before workshop begin. You are confermed as a participant only after you have paid.


  1. Before participating in any class or workshop all actors need to have read Ivana Chubbuck’s The Power of Actor.

  2. You must be a professional actor over 21 years of age.


To register for a class or workshop please contact me via email attaching your CV, a photo and your cell phone number.