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"The better you know yourself,

the better actor you'll be."

Ivana Chubbuck







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Doris von Thury classes

Comments from actors that have participated in the Oct - Dec 2020 online classes:

Although I was skeptic about the online course, you blew away all my doubts. Your class has been incredibly inspiring and I’m not lying when I say that this is the best course I’ve ever attended."


..sono rimasta veramente sorpresa di quanto si possa lavorare bene anche on line. Anzi si aggiunge un rapporto con il video molto interessante. In questi tempi bui evviva zoom.”


Cosa dire di questo corso. Già dal primo giorno ho capito che avremmo fatto un ottimo lavoro. Doris è una persona e un’insegnate fantastica; riesce a capirti subito e ti indirizza nella via giusta per fare un ottima scena. Ho capito che Doris riesce a percepire quello che hai anche attraverso un messaggio di whatsapp. La ringrazio molto e questo è stato il primo di una lunga serie di corsi. Consiglio a tutti questo corso tramite zoom.


Acting classes take place in Rome every week from 7.00 – 10.30  pm for a maximum of 10 actors.

The class is bilingual, 75% English, 25% Italian.

During 4 classes each actor works on both a monologue and a dialogue scene with a partner. I assign the scenes and the scene partners.

Registration is monthly. Each monthly course of 4 classes costs 170 euro (plus tax).

Those actors that have actively participated in a monthly class can continue to come to future classes as an auditor and free of charge.

You can recuperate classes if you miss them due to an acting engagement.

Auditing: actors, directors, screenplay writers, and casting directors are welcome anytime. The first audit is free of charge.



Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, in Rome. These weekend workshops are for those that don’t live in Rome or can’t make it to the evening classes.

The price is 170 € (plus tax).


  1. Before participating in any class or workshop all actors need to have read Ivana Chubbuck’s The Power of  the Actor.

  2. You must be a professional actor over 21 years of age.


To register for a class or workshop please contact me via email attaching your CV, a photo and your cell phone number.