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"The better you know yourself,

the better actor you'll be."

Ivana Chubbuck







and Dialect





for non-mother-tongue English speaking actors

silvio villa medici.jpg

The New Pope:

on set with Silvio Orlando

coaching team (1).jpg

The New Pope: the coaching team

(Ben Shilling, Doris von Thury, Peggy Hall, Rick Lipton)

I use my own method and excercises which I tailor to the specific needs of the actor I’m working with. My goal is to get the actor to be comfortable and creative, comprehensable and believable while acting in English which is not his/her mother-tongue. I take the actor to his/her best performing level in English by improving the actor’s use of pronunciation, word stress, musicality and capacity for text analysis.


I prepare actors for auditions in English or for international projects they have a role in. I’ve prepared Italian, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Bosnian and Russian actors.

I coach actors on a one-to-one basis and among those I’ve worked with are: Cecile De France, Cristian De Sica, Giuseppe Cederna, Javier Cámara, Lubna Azabal, Sara Serraiocco and Silvio Orlando.

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